We Buy Junk Cars Cash Miami
We offer top dollar for all vehicles, so give us a call and we'll take it off your hands. Don't spend your time calling around town to find a buyer for your junk car, truck or SUV. We'll take care of the towing and all of the necessary paperwork. Sell us your vehicle today, and get paid cash today!

A Better Recycler pays top dollar for your vehicle regardless of condition. We are committed to helping customers find a solution to their vehicle afterlife. A Better Recycler Serves the greater Miami metro area and in most cases can remove your vehicle the same day!
The business of We Buy Junk Cars Cash Miami  has been consistently growing over the years and with good reason. People have a car they need to get rid of and there are companies out there willing to do it. Before, you had to pay someone to tow away your vehicle until word got out that the companies are actually making money off of the cars customers were paying to have towed away. Before long, tow companies were paying for Miami junk cars and cars of other major areas.

But with a business boom like the one that happened in the Miami junk cars industry comes companies that are more inclined to help their pocketbooks than their customers. That’s why we at We Buy Junk Cars Cash Miami started our company. And that’s why we gave it the name we did. Tow companies and recycling companies like ours have gained a bad rep over the years and were here to make a difference, one customer at a time. Instead of taking advantage of our customers and trying to pay them bottom dollar so we can have the biggest payday possible, we prefer to work for just our tow fee.

We recognize that our customers are our most important asset. Without them, we can’t be in business. We also know that by doing our best to treat our customers with the respect they deserve, pay them fairly, show up on time and as promised, that our customers will not only be satisfied but will help our stake in the Miami junk cars grow.

We invite you to give us a shot for all of your needs, whether you are looking to sell one of your Miami junk cars or have something that’s much nicer. We buy all years, makes, and models so give us a call today for a quote. We would love the opportunity to earn your business!
We Buy Junk Cars Cash Miami  have been buying cars for more than 20 years now. During that time, we have generated the broadest network of junk car buyers in South florida, car recycling center and scrapyards. Due to this we know how to make best use of your car, we're able to deliver you far more cash for you junk car !

After years in the trade, the group of towing services we have created reaches across South Florida. It doesn't matter where you are in the Dade or Broward Counties, we have vendors who are a component of our network that remove and buy your junk car
Our We Buy Junk Cars Cash Miami is a frontrunner in the market. We've got quite a few years of practical knowledge supporting car owners like you sell junk cars in South Florida. We know how to make it easy for you, so you can have your junk car scrapped and get your cash as speedily as possible. Our junk car buyers can provide a quote right away. Our team makes it rather simple to sell your old car and make money fast!

Were you aware how easy it is to get cash for junk car ? All across America every single day, people are trading in their old clunkers for cold hard cash. The cars are towed away, stripped down, crushed or shredded and melted down in literally minutes. Once they are melted and recast they can be used for a variety of things from parts for other new cars to steel for buildings or roads. It is a huge win-win because it not only helps the environment, but scrap steel is cheaper for manufacturers to use compared with raw iron ore or freshly made steel.

OK, We Buy junk cars cash miami melted and recycled into other things that are made from steel. Did you know that cars are the most recycled item with over 13 million cars being recycled (Steel Recycling Institute) each and every year. Considering that the average weight of a modern car is 4000 pounds that is a heck of a lot of steel that doesn't need to be made from ore. And since you get paid by the pound when you get cash for junk cars, that is a lot of cash in your pocket.

Benefits of the Cash for Junk Cars Industry

  • You get rid of your useless car that may even have been an eyesore and get cash in your pocket as well. Plus you get the good feeling knowing you have helped the environment by recycling your junk car.
  • It is so quick and easy compared to trying to get rid of a 4000 pound car on your own. Simply pick up the phone and call we buy junk cars cash Miami and within an hour you can be saying goodbye to your junk car and hello to cash in your pocket.
Recycling a car is really a simple process. The first step is for you to sell your junk car to a service that is will to pay cash for junk cars. give us a call now we buy junk cars cash miami. we'll make it very easy and simply pick up your car and pay you on the spot.
The whole process of the cash for junk cars industry is beneficial not only to the consumers who get reimbursed for what they thought was worthless, but also for manufacturers who now pay less for steel and for the environment in a variety of ways. Depending on
what type of car you have you might get as much , Often the bigger trucks and SUV's command a higher price because there is a greater amount of steel involved. In any case, you weren't doing anything with that junker anyway and who doesn't need an extra few hundred dollars.

How it works:

webuyjunkcarscashmiami.com makes selling your old, unwanted, junk, or damaged car a simple process. We can remove any vehicle, in any condition, from anywhere in the Dade & Broward counties. Even if it does not run, has extensive damage, or hardly even resembles the vehicle it once was, we are interested in purchasing your vehicle for cash!

We buy junk cars cash Miami purchases cars, trucks, vans, Suv's and any other vehicle you have. We follow a very simple and straight forward 3-step process.
Step One: Get a Quote

Contact webuyjunkcarscashmiami.com to start the vehicle valuation, purchase, and removal process. You can call us anytime! A friendly vehicle appraisal specialist will evaluate and provide an offer on your unwanted vehicle. Once you accept our offer, we will dispatch one of our contracted towing companies to come out to pickup your vehicle.

Step Two: Confirm Towing Appointment

The towing company assigned to retrieve your vehicle on our behalf will contact you to confirm all details and book an appointment at a convenient time to come out to pick up your car can be same day in the next hour or two
Step Three: Get Paid and See Your Car Off!

At your previous chosen appoint time, our towing company driver will meet you at your location to complete the deal. The driver will hand you payment for your vehicle on the spot and collect the car, keys, and title. At this point you’re done!

Our three step process usually takes no longer then 1-2 hours from initial contact to having your vehicle picked up! Many removals can be completed same day. Each and every removal we complete is considered on an individual basis and we work with you each step of the way to make the process as pleasant and convenient as possible.

No title? No problem! No keys? No Sweat!

After we have an understanding of the car, truck, or SUV you are looking to sell, we will quickly be able to make a cash offer. We've been buying used and junk cars for decades and understand that the more cash we can offer, the better the chance we have to buy your car. The more cars we buy, the better our business runs. So rest assured that we will make the best cash offer possible.

If you accept our cash offer, you only need to tell us where and when to pick up your vehicle. We always provide free car removal service, and we have licensed and bonded towing contractors throughout South Florida.

We are able to drive away your transport, or we need to tow it and we will work around your busy plan. We will offer you the promised cash in hand and you determine where to pick it up your vehicle, and we will show up on time.

We recognize that we are not the only car buyer in Miami, and will work hard to pay you the most cash possible for your car. We appreciate you taking the time to visit our web site, and would be happy to talk to you about the car, truck, or SUV you are looking to sell. Please don't hesitate to Contacts Us if you have any questions.

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